Tuesday, December 8, 2009

December 9, 2009

This week...
  • EDGE Live: 4Runner vs. Jeep, Ford and Nissan
  • It's time to play... "Name That Toyota"!
  • EDGE: 2010 Land Cruiser vs. Escalade, GL450 and Range Rover
  • Still Not Certified? Check New Model Launch Requirement
  • Complete 2009 Certification NOW

EDGE LIVE: 4Runner vs. Jeep Grand Cherokee, Ford Explorer, Nissan Pathfinder

You could spend HOURS comparing 4Runner and its key competitors... or you could let Dave Lee do it for you. Just one click takes you to the latest EDGE Live from the University of Toyota. In this set of videos, Dave demonstrates the safety, utility, and performance advantages that 4Runner holds over key competitors.
Check it out! Click the image at left, or copy and paste this link into your Internet browser: https://admin.acrobat.com/_a17758315/edge_4Runner/

These and many more EDGE Live videos are available at http://www.toyota-eshowroom.com/.
  • Enter your SPIN and Dealer Code
  • Click on Resources
  • In the left menu bar, click on EDGE Series > EDGE LIVE

Updated Toyota eSOURCE

Online and totally searchable. Come see the latest edition of Toyota eSOURCE, which now features all 2010 model year information, as well as updated 2010 4Runner information. It's the in-depth virtual companion to the Pocket Source, with clickable links to a comprehensive feature-and-technology glossary.
See it now on Toyota-eShowroom:
  • Enter your SPIN and Dealer Code
  • Click on Resources > Source Books > eSource Book
  • Click on "Read" to get the full virtual experience!

It's Time To Play ... "Name That Toyota"!

Game 3 of the Toyota Skills Challenge is now online at Toyota-eShowroom.
Now’s your chance to be the next lucky contestant on a game show that's all about Toyota Trucks and SUVs. "Name That Toyota" challenges you to piece together clues to reveal the mystery Toyota Truck or SUV.

Give it a try! Log on to Toyota-eShowroom, click on eLearning and use your skills to rack up more points--and earn great prizes, too.

Hey top scorers! Have you received your "high scorer prize" for Game 1? If not, play again and raise your score to qualify while supplies last!

2010 Land Cruiser vs. Escalade, GL450 and Range Rover

With more than 40 years of service in some of the harshest conditions on the planet, this Toyota has an impeccable resume. Read how it compares to key competitors from Cadillac, Mercedes-Benz, and Land Rover.
Check it out now! Log on to Toyota-eShowroom.com

  • Enter your SPIN and Dealer Code

  • Click on "Vehicles" > Land Cruiser

  • Click on "EDGE" > "EDGE Series"

  • Click on "PDF" to download or "Read" to view

Still "Not Certified"? Check New Model Launch Requirement

If your Dealer Skills Report still shows "Not Certified" for associates who believe they've completed all requirements, please check their New Model Launch requirement. For 2009 Certification, associates must complete Venza and Prius New Model Launch eLearning if they DID NOT attend a live event. For each, there are several modules that must be completed for the associate to receive credit.
To ensure you complete ALL modules and receive credit, go to http://www.toyota-eshowroom.com/
  • Enter your SPIN and Dealer Code

  • Click on Certification > Required eLearning for Certification

  • Click on Toyota Vehicles
The screen will display all the Venza and Prius eLearning modules that are required for 2009 Certification.
PLEASE BE AWARE that uotDealerEducation.com will not list the video assessment for EITHER Venza or Prius--both of which are required. For these, you MUST go to Toyota-eShowroom.